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Cherry Blossom Moon Fringe Earrings

Long fringe earrings with a cute crescent moon shape.
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time10 mins
Total Time15 mins
Keyword: cricut maker, jewelry
Yield: 1 pair


  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Fine Point Blade
  • Round Nose Jewelry Pliers
  • Flat Nose Jewelry Pliers


  • 1 sheet Cherry blossom print faux leather
  • 1 sheet Pink faux leather
  • 4 jump rings two sizes
  • 2 fish hook style earrings


  • Open the project link then if prompted select open to launch Design Space. Click the "Make it" button.
  • Ensure that "Mirror" is turned on for both mats. Make sure that the grey fringe mat is selected, then click on continue.
  • Place the cherry blossom printed faux leather print side down on a purple "StrongGrip" mat.
  • Make sure your machine is connected then click on "Browse all material." Select the category drop down then choose "leather." Click on "Garment Leather - 2-3 oz 0.8mm." Click on done.
  • Design space will ask you if you want to callibrate the knife, select no. Click on edit tools then change the tool to the deep cut blade. I am using the fine-point blade, but selecting this will allow you to make the cut even if the fine-point blade is loaded.
  • Load the mat into your machine then press the go button to make the cut.
  • When it's done cutting unload the mat then set the fringe pieces aside.
  • The cut settings should be the same when you select the next mat to cut, but verify that the mirror is turned on and the cut settings are correct. Place the pink leather onto a strong grip mat in the same way, then load it into the machine. Press the go button to cut out the moons.
  • When you have finished cutting out the leather pieces, select two sizes of jump rings. You will need one larger and one smaller ring for each earring. Use the pliers to twist the larger ring open, then thread a fringe pieces and a moon shaped piece onto the ring so that they will lay on top of eachother. Close the ring.
  • Use the pliers to twist open the smaller ring, then thread the other ring and the earring onto it. Make sure that the earring will dangle in the correct direction when worn. Twist the ring closed.
  • Repeat with the other earring.


Once again here is the project file that I set up.  You will need Cricut Access to use the image that I used.