I'm a full-time VA, food photographer, recipe video producer, and recipe writer. 

I attended culinary school at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas.  While I was there I also studied nutrition, technical writing, and photography.  I was certified by the National Restaurant Association and ServeSafe as a food safety manager.  I do not currently keep this certification up to date because it's not necessary for my work, but I'm fairly knowledgeable about the topic.

I specialize in creating content for low-carb and other specialized diets. 

I previously worked at a music magazine and put together printed products and conducted interviews with the featured artists.  Less glamorous work experience includes working in grocery, food service, and web-design(a very long time ago so I wouldn't be much use at this today!)

I am currently booked as a VA, but may be able to take on some individual assignments.  How can I help you out?  Please e-mail me if you'd like to work together!